Seasonal16 Apr 2006 08:49 pm

Happy Easter, poppets! Hope you’re all having a great one. I’ll be round to see you just as soon as I can.

By the way, I haven’t forgotten about the spring gift about 20 of you will be receiving soon, so hang in there… I’m tardy but I’m no amnesiac.

Here’s to spring!

Seasonal&Self08 Jan 2006 09:58 pm

Winter road

Right, I’ve had enough of winter now. Spring, please. SPRING. Come on, Spring, it’s your turn. Don’t be shy.

Daylight seems blocked out by an enormous spaceship at all times. There is little noticeable difference between noon and dusk, and the two seem scarcely a moment apart.

Who has patience for this time of year? Who wakes up every day thinking “Ooh, what a beautiful sludgy grey sky. Just the colour of papier mache goo. I feeeeeeel nice, sugar and spice!”

Although I suppose there is a single advantage to cold weather. At least there are no wasps around. (For all my carping, I’m an optimist at heart.)

And on that cheerful note, perhaps I should just buy myself some environmentally- unsound tropical fruit, ignore January’s stony glare and pretend it’s May. Worth a try.


Seasonal01 Jan 2006 02:00 pm

… with love from my Arctic cousin and me.

Arctic fox smiling

Here’s to the future!

Seasonal&Self30 Dec 2005 09:00 pm

Sad Lucy We only have one more full day of 2005.

Guess what? I don’t like New Year’s Eve either!

I can tell you’re amazed.

Still, it’s nice to start afresh psychologically in January, much as I loathe the dark, dank month in every other way. And making resolutions is fun of sorts, even if they don’t last past 10am on 1 January.

This year, my resolutions include podcasting (working on it, kittens, working on it!) and finishing some of the other creative projects I’ve started.

What are yours?

And do these earrings win Classiest Jewellery* of 2005? (available from here, in all seriousness)

* Jewelry, if you’re from over the water

I vote yes.

Pop culture&Seasonal&Self27 Dec 2005 11:52 pm

Keanu in snow I’ve just been watching Constantine, so here’s a picture of Winter Keanu. As you can see from the snap, he’s helping to dig the snow off the M20, which is good of him.

Yes, I’m in a silly mood. Sorry.

Nails are looking good though.

Watched all 6 Nathan Barleys in a row late last night and squealed with recognition all the way through. It really is a good time for me to be living out of London. You know, I went out with someone just like Nathan. For a whole year. Arghhh. (I am now cured.)

How’s your Saturnalia been? And are you back at work soon or on holiday until the New Year? Yes you, I mean you. You, my dear. Mm?

British politics&Seasonal&Self26 Dec 2005 10:55 am

Fra Angelico - St Lawrence Giving Alms (c. 1450) So did you have a good Christmas Day? Are you ready for Boxing Day?

Americans always ask “What is this Boxing Day thing? Huh, limey? What does it MEAN?”

Traditionally, it was the day when the masters / rich gave the servants / poor their seasonal gifts / money. In the huge homes of the wealthy, Boxing Day would be the day when the servants of all the extended families present were allowed to gather together to eat and drink and celebrate Christmas. Obviously they would’ve been on duty throughout Christmas Day itself, bringing succulent treats to their pampered employers.

Many women in my mother’s family (from maternal great-grandmother backwards) were in domestic service. I am therefore going to have the laziest day I can possibly manage, in dedication to those women and their back-breaking toil. I think they’d be proud that a female descendant of theirs could afford to be idle so much of the time, and with such silky soft never-done-a-proper-day’s-work-in-her-life hands.

Let us drink a toast to the dismantling of the British class system!

(which is scheduled for the day after muscat grapes are harvested in the Sahara)

I may write more here during Boxing Day, but… y’know, only if I can be bothered. First, I’m going to paint my nails a glossy crimson and watch The Philadelphia Story. It’s what Great-Granny would’ve wanted.

Audience participation&Pop culture&Seasonal&Self24 Dec 2005 06:55 pm

Here’s something to while away those long Saturnalia minutes between carb fixes. I’ve shamelessly stolen the link from Mark of Fear & Loafing in England, who is a TS Eliot / Ted Bundy / Samuel L Jackson hybrid.

What am I on about? This. It’s MyHeritage, a site which offers photo facial recognition (still in beta) that can tell you which celebrities you most resemble, based on physical genetic similarities. You upload a photo of yourself and the software compares the attributes of your face to the celebrities in its database. Then it tells you who you look like, on a percentage basis.

I’m loving it, because it’s just told me I look like a whole host of gorgeous women, none of whom I particularly resemble. Actually there are a couple in there who are broadly along the right lines, in the loosest sense, but the others…?! I’ll gleefully take the compliment, but blimey. Let’s just say none of us are long-lost twins. If you know me in real life, judge for yourself, and try not to choke on your mulled wine. Here we go.

Gwyneth sobs
Gwyneth didn’t take the news well

Foxy is:

72% Beyonce Knowles
72% Halle Berry
71% Preity Zinta
71% Drew Barrymore
70% Vivien Leigh
70% Asia Argento
69% Britney Spears
68% Hillary Clinton
68% Daniel Cohn Bendit (who?)
68% Gwyneth Paltrow

Funnily enough, I have never in my life been compared to any of them. (Perhaps because I look nothing like them.) Ah well. I’m obviously too bootylicious for ya babe. I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

Who do you look like?

Beyonce roars
“I look like goddamn WHO?! Is this some kind of JOKE? Get outta my way!”

Seasonal&Self22 Dec 2005 10:01 pm

Angel with trumpet My oh my, I’ve been a busy old fox. Please accept my apologies if it looks like I’ve been neglecting you lately. It’s not personal. I still love you. No really, I do.

But I am planning to blog Saturnalia. Not every single gift opened and cracker pulled, just one or two prose interludes over the holiday season. So see you then if you’re around. If you’re stranded in a family home without net access, this may prove problematic. But you’ll probably need frequent net breaks if your family’s anything like, say, Alecya’s. Escapees and sanity-seekers are welcome here any time. Make yourselves at home.

Highlights of Foxy’s festive frolics so far:

1 – I received a brilliant home made card today from a Real Life friend, featuring a picture of Luke Haines in its design. Thanks F, you creative thing.

2 – A ‘3 for the price of 2’ offer on a gift that I planned to buy for 3 different people. Bonanza!

3 – The prospect of some empty diary days in the near future… phew.

Hope you’re well, that you enjoyed the winter solstice (a bit late, sorry Spins), and that you’re having a pleasant party season so far. Tinsel-trimmed hugs all round.

Anti-consumerism&Seasonal18 Dec 2005 11:01 pm

A team of subversive Santas invaded London’s busiest shopping area (Oxford Street) on Saturday – click here for story.

Bad Santas

Santas against Shopping

Photos from London Rising Tide

I bet their antics didn’t make the slightest difference to those insane enough to brave the crowds, and I bet not one shopper opted to buy less on this particular day because of the protest. And of course they were thrown out of every shop they went into. But the fact they did it anyway gave me a bit of seasonal cheer. Ho ho ho.

Seasonal&Self17 Dec 2005 04:58 pm

Saturnalia twig tree This is my Saturnalia tree.

It’s not very photogenic. You can’t really see the lights here, but it looks pretty in real life.

It changes colour softly: purple, blue, green, pink, white. It doesn’t flash, it just gently twinkles as each colour blends into the next.

Saturnalia twig tree again It has the icy sparseness of a bare winter tree, in a deciduous rather than evergreen style. It’s a postmodern nod towards the semiotics of the Christmas tree, without all the trimmings. It’s a knowing glance at tradition with the aesthetics of late 20th-century minimalism.

It’s a load of fake silver twigs with fibre optics inside, basically.

Still, I like it.

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