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The art of blog26 Sep 2006 07:57 pm

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Audience participation&Self&The art of blog12 Sep 2006 09:30 pm

I think we’ve probably had most of the Your Tune feedback now. So it’s about time the fox left the building.

Thank you all for reading. You’ve been a fantastic set of poppets. I’ve enjoyed your comments and chat enormously over the last (nearly) two years.

Before the Mexican wave starts: I’m afraid I’m not abandoining blogdom altogether, just dumping the Urban Fox costume. A new venture may appear with the new moon. I’ll still be reading my favourite blogs and – I hope nobody objects – linking to them.

So anybody who wants to read on can either do a Miss Marple and trace me (there may be clues) or simply email me for the address (lightweight!).

But I don’t mind if you don’t do either. Whatever happens, you’ve been a pleasure and I wish you all the very best for the future.

Foxy x

The art of blog07 May 2006 10:34 pm

Happy new beginnings to Red, who will be missed.

If you were a reader of Red’s excellent blog, you will understand why its closure is a melancholy moment. But all good things must come to an end. Blogworld’s loss is the real world’s gain.

Red, thanks for all your pithy posts and thoughtful comments. And thanks also for sharing your sharp insights on more personal matters. You remain Blogworld’s Most Perceptive Citizen, no contest. Consider yourself garlanded.

Consider yourself emailed as well, but I promise not to stalk you further. My Asbo’s terms are fairly specific about that sort of thing, you’ll be pleased to hear.*

I would finish this post with something about Tony Blair, but I’m honestly at a loss as to how to begin. Where is there left to go when satire has been superseded by reality? The Urban Fox Den may be in the process of eating itself.

Next post: The Hollyoaks cast’s top 10 vodka cocktails. Possibly.

* Oh dear, now I’m wheeling out the tired old Asbo jokes… This blog is officially knitted. Feel free to remove me from your sidebars, people, it’s going downhill all the way.

The art of blog13 Mar 2006 08:57 pm

Missy says button it It’s all gone a bit John le CarrĂ© here today. Sorry about that. It’s all a ruse to add excitement to what is essentially a rather dull blog at the moment.

I won’t make a habit of concealing posts, but the two below were rather cliquey and concerned only my dearest long-serving regulars. Not much use to the casual punter.

In future such cases, passwords will be emailed to the hardcore Fox massive at the time of posting. See, I told you I’d come up with bonus extras for registered users… OK, not particularly enticing as incentives go, but hey.

No more to say, once again, but hugs to you all and hope you’re enjoying your week. Please do any special weather dance you can devise to bring forth spring. A bit of sunshine would do us all good, particularly in this chilly grey country. Brrr.

Self&The art of blog08 Feb 2006 10:11 pm

I’ve just imported my ENTIRE old New! Improved! blog, courtesy of my sparkly new WordPress upgrade. Hadn’t realised it was even possible, until I spotted a new tab in the upgraded dashboard and clicked it on a whim.

The process was fully automated and took about 10 minutes in total. Astounding.

I’m so easily impressed by the cleverness of computers.

Old printing press Still reeling from the joy of having all my twitterings in one place, I stupidly decided to go through all the old posts and categorise them for easy administration.

That was 5 hours ago. I’ve just finished.

*seized up*

Not the most productive way to spend an afternoon/evening. Still, it was kind of fun to skim through all the old stuff again. I laughed, I cried, I shrieked… Actually I didn’t do any of those things, but I did mutter things like “Oh Foxy, you pompous old goat” and “How naive of you to think that!” out loud to myself a few times.

How strange it is that people change so swiftly. None of the old entries are older than 16 months of age. Hardly prime nostalgia fodder. Yet so much of it seems strangely old-fashioned and irrelevant.

Then again, some of it was a lot better than most of the nonsense I write now. Heh.

While I’ve got my dazzled-by-technological-wizardry head on, I should probably try and work out why my blogroll doesn’t display in my sidebar. All the code seems to be there, but no list. Hmm. Please don’t take the absence of reciprocal links personally, my peachy brethren. We’ll be all linky-slinky just as soon as I can work out what in the name of Pingu is going on.

OR… I could move away from the computer for only about the 5th time since the morning and leave the chore for another day.

Yeah. That idea’s oddly compelling.

*knees crack melodramatically*

The art of blog26 Jan 2006 05:52 pm

Magnifying glass To the person who found this blog with the search string “voodoo holidays from a long time ago“: sorry there was no helpful information on the subject for you. There’s clearly a gap in the market that I’m failing to fill. Hope your historical voodoo holiday requirements were satisfied with your next click.

To the person who landed here with the search string “how to make yourself temporarily blind for one hour“: what were you THINKING?


British politics&Human rights&Pop culture&The art of blog07 Dec 2005 10:15 am

Judge Apparently The Telegraph has briefly quoted your own Foxy in today’s paper. I haven’t seen a print copy yet, but I’m told it’s on page 19. The web version seems to be here.

Non-Brits, just to explain: The Telegraph is an extremely conservative (with a big and small C), right wing, Establishment broadsheet daily newspaper, beloved of the ruling class.

I look forward to a short boost in readership comprised entirely of High Court judges, Tory MPs and minor aristocracy. (Is it too soon to take them aside and explain they might not agree with everything they read here?)

The art of blog04 Dec 2005 01:24 pm

So yeah, your host has dark brown eyes and a womb. Shall we move on?

Lazy blogging Did you know bloggers are “reshaping the world in which professional journalists operate just as much as the telephone shook up the profession in the first half of the 20th Century”?

Apparently so. There we are, typing out half-baked rants at random intervals, and all of sudden it seems we’re changing the world.

Perhaps that’s why even Rupert Murdoch’s ultra-mainstream newspaper The Times is covering the story of the bloggers who are prepared to publish the Al-Jazeera memo.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have more power than you realise.

By the way, is it sunny where you are? It is here. (Yes, we’re taking over the weather report as well as the news. You can keep your “scattered showers”, BBC.)

American politics&British politics&Middle East&News media&The art of blog26 Nov 2005 10:35 am

Publish the Al-Jazeera memo, Tony, you power-crazed maniac
Did George Bush order the Al-Jazeera headquarters in Qatar to be bombed? Or did he not?

If he did, did Tony Blair attempt to talk him out of it? Or did he not?

The Daily Mirror says yes. The British newspaper was gagged by the Attorney General after revealing the existence of the memo.

David Keogh and Leo O’Connor, civil servants who handled the memo, are due to appear in court next week, charged under the Official Secrets Act.

Until the memo in question is published, we cannot know for certain. What we do know is that its contents are sufficiently important that a D-notice was slapped on them, forbidding publication. Any editor who does so will be prosecuted for violating national security. To even the least politically-minded, that gesture speaks volumes.

Thankfully, Al-Jazeera aren’t taking this news lying down and are demanding that the memo is published. And several editors (including Tory MP Boris Johnson of the Spectator) and a legion of bloggers (like our own Red, who also designed the jazzy button at the top right of this post) have announced that they’ll happily publish the memo if they’re given a copy.

The Official Secrets Act is supposed to protect the safety of the country, not protect the current government from political embarrassment. I hope the brightest legal minds in the country will put their efforts into making this distinction if David Keogh and Leo O’Connor go to full trial.

If I happen to come across a copy, I’ll post it here and email it to every likeminded editor and blogger I can find. If another blogger or editor publishes the memo, I will be delighted to reproduce it on this blog, and so will plenty of others.

What will they do, arrest us all? Let’s see.

The art of blog12 Oct 2005 08:00 pm

Welcome to the blog’s first birthday party! Come in, help yourself to cake.

The blog is just about to open its birthday present.

Better put a hat on for the unwrapping ceremony…

The Urban Fox Blog’s birthday present is…

a new home of its own!

Yes, the Urban Fox is leaving Blogger and moving here:

We’ll be moving in later tonight. Please drop in and have a look round the new place. It’s a bit rough and ready at the moment, but I think it’ll spruce up nicely once we’ve settled in.

However cosy it becomes, it won’t feel like home without lovely neighbours dropping in all the time. So please update your bookmarks, links and blogrolls!

In fact, let’s pop over for a look round the new place now, shall we? There seems to be a card sitting on the mantlepiece already…

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