The art of blog

The art of blog12 Oct 2005 07:55 pm

Welcome to the Urban Fox’s new den!


Here we are then! What do you think?

It’ll take a while to get used to it, of course. There are bound to be a few little glitches to begin with. It’s all very new and shiny. Take care not to sit on the wet paint.

If you’re one of the people who has been kind enough to read the Urban Fox blog this far, thank you very much for joining me. You are a very special guest. Please make yourself at home.

I hope you’ll keep visiting me often in my new domain. And I’m also hoping you’ll register as a user, and get your own username. Anyone can read or comment, with or without an official username. But the idea is that registered users will get access to all sorts of things not available for public consumption. I’m thinking of passworded behind-the-scenes posts, extra content, podcasts, video streaming…

(OK, maybe not all that at first. I’m trying to run before I can walk. Damn my foxy impatience.)

But the technology exists and the new site has plenty of bandwidth. And, y’know, it’s the 21st century. I’ll see if I can come up with some VIP access for you long-serving darlings to make registration worth it. Get yourself a login at any time by clicking the link towards the bottom of the sidebar.

You can also get an RSS feed and other new-fangled syndication methods now. Oh, and emoticons which pop up automatically. What larks!

I’ll be keeping my Blogger login, so expect me to rock up at your gaff with impertinent comments, as usual.

Thank you so much for coming to this 1st birthday party. Thank you again for reading, commenting and generally being extraordinarily ace. You are poppets, one and all.

Now then, onto the most important part. Let’s get stuck into some of this cake.


The art of blog12 Oct 2005 11:18 am

See you tonight at 8.

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The art of blog11 Oct 2005 08:19 am

Yo shorty, it’s ya birthday. We’re gon’ party like it’s ya birthday.

Well, I’m not sure if you can reasonably call a 155-post blog “shorty”, but that’s by the by.

Tomorrow is this blog’s birthday, and someone nice has given it a present. Isn’t that kind of them? Bless. Blog will be unwrapping it ceremoniously tomorrow.

Shall we say 8pm*? Come as you are.

(*Exotics, our local time is currently GMT+1.)

Soundtrack to this post: Glaringly obvious to the point of cliché.

Middle East&The art of blog05 Oct 2005 07:15 pm

Just like the last time, I can’t see my own blog. Just an empty space.

But I suppose at least I’m not in Saudia Arabia. If I was, I wouldn’t be reading any of your blogs.

Soundtrack to this post: Fox shouting “Hello? Hello?” down a silent telephone as the other party vainly shouts “I CAN HEAR YOU” in an increasingly exasperated tone.

Random life&The art of blog02 Oct 2005 07:21 pm

Today’s the day Lord Bargain flies across the Atlantic to visit Ka.

This marks an important development for our loose collective of belles-lettristes, Bush-botherers, reality-checkers, ranters and ne’er-do-wells.

For it means the capricious bumblebee we call Blogworld has at last landed on the gaudy-hued flower that is Real Life, and cross-pollinated it.

Our meadow will never be quite the same again.

Soundtrack to this post: Like To Get To Know You Well – Howard Jones

News media&Self&The art of blog18 Sep 2005 08:04 pm

I haven’t forgotten about my forthcoming post. It is on its way.

Lately I’ve been even more wildly enraged than usual whenever I come into contact with the corporate news media. I think perhaps the best way to deal with the onslaught of lazy propaganda is to offer a response, by way of counterbalance. And there’s plenty of scope for it. In fact, my only problem would be knowing what to leave out.

In summary: Blogger’s block is so five minutes ago.

And to think I was considering closing this blog on its anniversary!

Welcome to the new Fox season, starting soon, right here.

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The art of blog22 Aug 2005 09:57 pm

OK, here’s the deal.

Sometimes I might post about politics, world news, international unrest, the ravages of globalisation and social injustice.

Sometimes I might post about… other things.

How does that sound? (Don’t all throw your rotten tomatoes at once.)

Soundtrack to this post: Feelin’ Good – Nina Simone

Self&The art of blog17 Aug 2005 07:30 pm

Is there such a thing as blogger’s block?

Well… It’s not really that though. There’s a wealth of material to write about. In fact, the sheer quantity of subject matter in recent weeks has somehow curtailed my will to express my views.

I still have views on politics. I just lack the motivation to write them on here, at this time.

It’s not laziness, or apathy. I was intending to post last week. Assaulted with a barrage of enraging news stories – my possible favourite of which was Monsanto Patents Pigs – I somehow couldn’t muster the ability to narrow it down to one thing I should write about. The fact that there were ten billion things to care about made me less inclined to write about them. I would have felt like the village buffoon shouting inanely at trees. It’s a curious thing.

I can trace this “what’s the point?” feeling back to the day the police shot Jean Charles de Menezes for, as it now appears, a laugh. When events of that magnitude occur, it makes the impotent tut-and-hmph of blogging seem irrelevant. This was an inward feeling rather than a reasoned response. I know many of you wrote superbly on the subject. I know I enjoyed reading your thoughts. And yet… still.

Somehow the national post-London bombing kneejerk hysteria made me lose the will to blog. The Day The Blogging Died.

OK, I’m being melodramatic. I will post again. In fact, I could easily post on all manner of non-current affairs subjects right now, but this blog has a fairly narrow remit. Perhaps that’s something I could reconsider. I don’t know.

This thing started initially as a way to write with no interference at all; a way to express the kind of uncensored, honest views that would never slip past an editor and, indeed, on subjects about which no editor would be likely to ask me to write. I have never been very tolerant of being told what to think, or what to say. I get vexed at the effortlessly amoral standards of most media professionals. The very act of global self-publication can feel like defiance, albeit on a limited scale. I suspect that is partly the motivation of many of us.

What was my point? Did I have one?

Oh yes. Blogger’s block. My mental block. Perhaps some more incoherent rambling will clear away the debris. I’ll do it offline, to save your yawns.

Soundtrack to this post: The Denial Twist – The White Stripes

British politics&Middle East&The art of blog18 Jul 2005 10:52 am

An official report by Chatham House and Economic and Social Research Council says that the UK is more at risk of terrorism since our cuddly CareBlair took us into Iraq.

Who’da thunk it?

Anyway, enough about all that. I’ve noticed my comment count goes down the more serious I get. Perhaps I shall write a post about marshmallows next.

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Pop culture&Self&The art of blog06 Jun 2005 10:11 pm

I haven’t written much – or anything, really – about music on here. If you knew me in Real Life, you’d think that was a strange anomaly. As I’m getting slightly bored of the same old same old (sorry blog), perhaps it’s time for a mini-change.

So, inspired partly by Mr Swiss Toni’s seamless integration of music and narrative, I’ve decided to add a soundtrack to my posts from now on.

Don’t worry, it won’t be in the form of incidental music jangling away while you read. That’s terribly annoying when you’ve got music on already, as you may well have. Instead, I’m going to designate one single song to be the soundtrack to that post, and write that song title at the end of the post.

It might be chosen for obvious reasons, or it might not. It might be because the lyrics match the theme, or it might be because the sound evokes my mood at the time of writing. It might be for the purposes of lame punning or bathos. It might be because I’m listening to it while writing. Hell, it might be for no sensible reason at all.

Nonetheless, beloved reader, you shall have it with my compliments.

Soundtrack to this post: Joga – Björk

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