November 2005

Religion&South Asia&Writing03 Nov 2005 09:41 pm

Open the Kashmir border please, Indian government, for crying out loud. 73,000 dead is quite enough for one disaster zone. Let’s not wait until the harsh mountain winter arrives.

In honour of Eid, may I recommend this delicious Pakistani recipe to Lord Bargain, in which he might use his mercy chick peas.

Hope your novels are going well. I’m keeping up with the word count, just about, but am slightly alarmed by the direction in which my story is going. If all first novels can be read for deep autobiographical truths, I am in big trouble.

Religion&South Asia&Writing01 Nov 2005 09:22 pm

I have managed 1,956 words of my brand new novel so far. I might try and do a bit more tonight, or I might not.

Don’t forget to update your word count on your NaNoWriMo profile. How else am I to spy on you all? Er, I mean how else are we to foster community spirit?

I don’t know what they put in the water chez Alecya G, but at the time of writing this, she’d already swept past the 5,000 word mark. At this rate, she’ll have it done in less than a fortnight! Crivens.

Hope all Hindus (and Sikhs and Jains) are having a happy and peaceful Diwali, even if those of you in Delhi aren’t really up to celebrating much. May Lakshmi visit you first.

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