Blair and Bush gave their press conference a short while ago. They talked alarmingly about bringing “a peaceful two-state solution” to the Middle East by any means necessary (“We will do whatever it takes” – Bush), their War On TerrorTM and the forcible imposition of democracy on other states.

One journalist asked if Iraqis or Palestinians decided to elect a leader who was not friendly to the US/Europe (aka “the Free World”), would Bush and Blair intervene to prevent this? Bush claimed he didn’t understand what was being asked. Blair insisted every single person in the world wants democracy. Neither answered the actual question.

I hope the world realises that the majority of British people do not support Tony Blair’s thugs ‘n’ jackboots foreign policy.

Brits, if you want to see this man relegated to the after dinner speech circuit instead of sending your sons and thousands of Iraqis to their deaths, you know what to do.