Every week, the TBR News site carries a secret statement given by a White House source. The source is anonymous but it does seem that, by and large, his or her early descriptions of White House decisions tend to prove correct over time. This lends an air of reliability to the information.

I make no judgment on authenticity either way, but I found this excerpt from the latest update worthy of attention. Decide for yourself and let me know your thoughts on it:

“I have said it before and I will say it now:

There will be a universal draft.

There will be another major war in Iran with serious military threats directed towards both Russia and North Korea.

Bush and his people will clamp down completely on any form of dissent inside the United States to include shutting off any American access to the Internet that they all view with loathing and fear.

Bush has closed off any escape, either by potential draftees, deserters (whose numbers are now growing out of all proportions, or potential anti-Bush people whom they feel might set up resistance movements elsewhere) to Canada and will make it impossible for anyone of draft age (18-35), or dissenters, to even leave the country in the future. Very soon now, anyone subject to the draft may not leave the country on the grounds that they might not come back. I am telling you, my friends, there is very stormy weather ahead for all of us.”

Full text here.