I don’t normally write personal posts, so this is a first. And possibly a last. Who knows.

The thing is, I don’t offer much personal information at all in this blog. It’s probably not surprising that some people’s comments and blog entries refer to me as “he” and some refer to me as “she”. But it’s interesting to note how different people receive different impressions from the same sources.

So, kind reader, I’d like to address you directly. Do you think I’m male or female?

Would it change your interpretation of this blog if you discovered I was the opposite of whichever you think I am?

It’s not a trick question. It’s not all about me either. I’m curious about whether you believe it’s possible to read someone’s sex from their writing. What do you think? Views welcomed.

There’s a poll in the sidebar, so please cast a vote if you have an opinion. It’s not reality TV, so there’s no premium rate phone number. And no evictions. And it’ll be back to the usual indignant carping afterwards, promise.