We Europeans don’t think much of Bush. Plenty of Americans like him. But, as you already know, he’s not widely trusted outside his own country.

That’s why Blair’s supporters were dreading the idea of Bush visiting Britain in February. Some Parliamentary sources even suggested that the general election was being moved back to May to allow time for the negative effect of Bush’s visit to wear off. It’s acknowledged that whenever Blair appears in public with Bush, his popularity at home drops dramatically.

So Blair will be breathing a huge sigh of relief tonight. Because it’s been agreed that Bush will not visit Britain after all. Aware that his mere presence would lose the Labour party seats, he’s agreed to stay away until his cohort Blair has the election in the bag.

Let’s think about that for a moment.

Rather than take notice of the opinions of his electorate, which largely detests Bush’s policies and Blair’s obsequious role as key supporter, Blair’s only priority is to minimise public outcry during the period in which that anger could affect the renewal of his employment contract. It wouldn’t do to have another 2 million marchers on the streets at that critical time. Instead of listening to the voices of the majority of his people, Blair chooses to circumvent the issue by heading Bush off until his job is safe once more. Rather than reassess his own policies in light of his people’s opinions, and change them accordingly, his only concession is to take defensive action to protect his own position. That way, he needn’t alter a single Bush-wooing, corporate-friendly policy.

And hey, Bush isn’t offended at being uninvited. He needs Blair re-elected so he can mask America’s dangerously isolationist policies beneath the veneer of international consensus.

If any British readers wish to write to their MPs to express disgust at the idea of elected representatives ignoring their constituents’ wishes, as though Britain was officially a dictatorship and not the democracy it purports to be, FaxYourMP.com is a convenient one-stop shop.