Hello all. Apologies for the cursory nature of my entries lately. Finally, I have found a moment to pop in and wave blearily. This is in direct defiance of my clock’s disapproving face, which clearly implies “Time you weren’t sitting at a computer any more, Foxy ol’ thing”. Yes, it’s actually frowning at me. Well, kinda. OK, no it’s not.

Anyway, I’ve just got time to note that bloggers are officially not journalists in the eyes of the American establishment. Which presumably means we don’t need to adhere to the pesky libel laws either? Good-o.

The BBC (see link above), as ever, are reporting this news as though it defines world legislation rather than merely that of a foreign country, so expect the legal concept to drift across the Atlantic and into our statutes soon.

And the second “Duh, really?” news story of the day award goes to Army Life Conducive To Bullying And Violence. Well, knock me down with an AK47. Who’d have thought it?