The Pope post comments below appear to have spontaneously combusted. Perhaps it is a sign?

*auctions divinely mutilated web page on eBay*

EDIT: No, they’re back again. They were just moving in mysterious ways for a while.

Speaking of Condoleezza Rice, as we recently were, it appears she’s still obsessed with states of the former Soviet Union. This time it’s Belarus, one sixth of the “axis of evil”. Perhaps it would be less work for her if she just let us know which countries America doesn’t plan to remodel?

In other news, it appears the unpleasantly arrogant George Galloway (Respect party) has a good chance of ousting the sycophantic careerist Oona King (Labour party) from her Bethnal Green seat. Whoopee. Yawn.

Lastly, here’s what George Monbiot has to say about why reluctant tactical voting is unnecessary. You can make up your own mind about whether he’s right or not.

Right, that’s the politics out of the way. Now we can talk about religion again. Wait, where are you all going?