Two parties vie to woo the country’s hearts
With trickery, vile sorcery and spin,
And much recourse to Campbell’s fiendish arts:
No principles have they, but lust to win.
Each hollow pledge dropp’d lightly to the earth,
Twice shatter’d unto dust by careless hooves;
To focus groups such baubles owe their birth.
Mere rhetoric each manifesto proves.
Lo, wherefore art this contest such disgrace?
A vote for evil maketh man despair,
Yet seest thou a light in this dark place?
In May, i’faith, wilt thou a cross place there?
Democracy such conflict doth devour,
For those who claim to serve love none but Power.

Scarlet are the hands of Britain’s lord,
And guilty, with his rich Atlantic friend,
Of multiplying corpses slain abroad,
And bringing civil peace to savage end.
A vote for red must be a vote for death.
But prithee, thinkest thou I point to blue?
Let not thy thoughts drift thence. The blue hateth
Fair truth, bless’d justice, and good people too.
Beware their leader’s ghoulish azure glow:
This beast in human form doth stalk the night,
And drinketh he the blood of foreign foe –
Begone, thou foul distemper’d parasite!
O ye, with naught to gain and much to lose,
Must not let Michael step in Tony’s shoes.

Thus all right-thinking men must look to gold,
Or green, or seek another worthy hue.
Reform all social ills, go forth, be bold;
By this, thy faith in Parliament renew.
Repair the Eastern wreckage, make amends
For slaughter, broken cities, senseless pain;
Unwind Guantanamo’s wire fence, make friends
All o’er the globe, let human conscience reign.
Dethrone the god of money, let him be
A wand’ring nomad, not thy holy king,
If thou wouldst thus reject his tyranny,
Thy life such wond’rous gentle joy would bring!
Elect thy choice, but hear me from above:
A man is only rich if he hath love.