I have been unable to write any substantial pre-election babble in the last few days, due to the fact that:

  • we are effectively being asked to choose between killers, racists and dullards, and this is monumentally disheartening;
  • I watched that Tony Blair/Jonathan Dimbleby programme on Monday night and almost imploded in a fit of rage when some astonishingly dim woman started bandying around drivel like “political correctness gone too far” and “ignoring the indigenous people of this country”. WHAT INDIGENOUS PEOPLE, you halfwit? The Saxons? You’re a purebred original, are you? Even though humanity probably began in Africa and – whoops! here’s where your argument falls down – migrated elsewhere? And how can you have too much correctness? Either something is correct or it is incorrect. There are no degrees of correctness. This is like saying something’s “very unique”. Either it is or it isn’t. No excess or varying shades are possible. If you had bothered to master the language of the “indigenous people of this country”, you’d know. AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHH.

And relax.

I still plan to watch the whole pantomime live on Thursday night though. If you’re very unlucky, I may end up throwing some live real-time coverage of it on here. Tune in! Or go to bed, or whatever.

Hope you all had delightful May Day bank holiday, Britishers. Hope you non-Brits had fun too, even though you didn’t get to take Monday off work.