Hello ladies and gents. Apologies for the lack of service lately, but these things happen on this blog occasionally I’m afraid. It’s all part of my plan to lose all my loyal readers and end up blogging into the ether with nobody watching. No, not really.

Hope you’ve all had a staggeringly good two weeks, or thereabouts.

I’ve changed my mind slightly since the election. Although I still dislike Galloway as a person, I’m very much enjoying his one-man anti-war tirades. He’s an arrogant fellow, to be sure, but great value as an orator. Watched his Senate performance from beginning to end, and I’m sure it was a lot more entertaining than the latest Star Warszzz.

Obviously, none of you Brits are reading this now, because you’re all at the supermarket buying 400 cans of lager (in preparation for the FA Cup this afternoon) and a selection of continental delicacies (for your ultracamp Eurovision party tonight). Right? No?