I haven’t written much – or anything, really – about music on here. If you knew me in Real Life, you’d think that was a strange anomaly. As I’m getting slightly bored of the same old same old (sorry blog), perhaps it’s time for a mini-change.

So, inspired partly by Mr Swiss Toni’s seamless integration of music and narrative, I’ve decided to add a soundtrack to my posts from now on.

Don’t worry, it won’t be in the form of incidental music jangling away while you read. That’s terribly annoying when you’ve got music on already, as you may well have. Instead, I’m going to designate one single song to be the soundtrack to that post, and write that song title at the end of the post.

It might be chosen for obvious reasons, or it might not. It might be because the lyrics match the theme, or it might be because the sound evokes my mood at the time of writing. It might be for the purposes of lame punning or bathos. It might be because I’m listening to it while writing. Hell, it might be for no sensible reason at all.

Nonetheless, beloved reader, you shall have it with my compliments.

Soundtrack to this post: Joga – Björk