The government has finally made a formal announcement about their plan to replace the usual annual car tax with a pay-as-you-go road charging scheme. Alistair “Move Over” Darling, the Transport Secretary, says this new method of taxation will mean half of motorists will pay less.

By sheer coincidence, the satellite tracking system required to record the journeys of every driver on the road will also mean the data of every journey made by every car will be available to the government.

This means while you are in a private vehicle, the state will literally have the power to watch your every move. They will also be at liberty to use or extrapolate the collected data in any way they see fit.

According to a Mori survey released today, only 16% of people object to having a black box satellite tracker installed in their car.

So let’s see: biometric ID cards, Iraq, car travel surveillance, imprisonment without trial, the Terrorism Act, removal of the right to peaceful protest, ASBOs… I’d say Tony Blair’s wish “to be remembered by the history books” will be granted.

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