I am safe and sound. I hope you are too.

Most of my friends in town have confirmed they are safe too. Some have witnessed some nasty events and are extremely shaken.

Having been in a minor Tube fire last year – when I got all uppity about the lack of decent safety procedures in place for underground fires and gave an irate interview to BBC News about it – I can only imagine the horror and terror felt by those in the bombed trains.

London is wounded and in chaos.

The politicians will try to use this wave of public feeling for their own ends (Tony has already started), but we must not let them.

All we can think is that the timing of this attack was impeccable; with half the Met police up at Gleneagles protecting the top brass, it must’ve made the task easier for those responsible.

I’m probably not making much sense, so I will stop here.

Soundtrack to this post: a dignified silence.