I had a vivid dream the other night. I think preparing this website for launch was the inspiration for it.

In this dream, I had wandered across a dark, tangled forest (uh… yeah, not entirely unlike that header up there) to reach my own front door. Just as I was putting my key in the lock, a flurry of forest animals came pelting headlong towards me. One was a particularly large fox.

I was concerned it was trying to follow me in, and wondered if it would bite me if I tried to fend it off. But once I engaged with it, I found it playful and cuddly. I discovered that it was a furry pet, not a predator.

If there are any amateur Jungs in the audience, do your worst.

Antique bureau pen-and-ink sketch

Vivid night imaginations are one thing, but what if you are struggling for inspiration in the daytime? If only my dreams would provide me with a story for NaNoWriMo, which is – eek! – a mere 2-and-a-bit weeks away.

“Any tips?” I asked a friendly fiction writer of loose acquaintance.

“Yes,” she said. “Double spacing. Don’t skimp on the margins. And serif fonts are most readable.”

“I know all that,” I said, making surreptitious notes.

Perhaps I can work the fox dream into an Angela Carter-style gothic fairytale. Or perhaps my sleeping brain will conjure up an appropriate novel plotline in the next fortnight. At the very least, it’ll be neatly presented.