Is there such a thing as blogger’s block?

Well… It’s not really that though. There’s a wealth of material to write about. In fact, the sheer quantity of subject matter in recent weeks has somehow curtailed my will to express my views.

I still have views on politics. I just lack the motivation to write them on here, at this time.

It’s not laziness, or apathy. I was intending to post last week. Assaulted with a barrage of enraging news stories – my possible favourite of which was Monsanto Patents Pigs – I somehow couldn’t muster the ability to narrow it down to one thing I should write about. The fact that there were ten billion things to care about made me less inclined to write about them. I would have felt like the village buffoon shouting inanely at trees. It’s a curious thing.

I can trace this “what’s the point?” feeling back to the day the police shot Jean Charles de Menezes for, as it now appears, a laugh. When events of that magnitude occur, it makes the impotent tut-and-hmph of blogging seem irrelevant. This was an inward feeling rather than a reasoned response. I know many of you wrote superbly on the subject. I know I enjoyed reading your thoughts. And yet… still.

Somehow the national post-London bombing kneejerk hysteria made me lose the will to blog. The Day The Blogging Died.

OK, I’m being melodramatic. I will post again. In fact, I could easily post on all manner of non-current affairs subjects right now, but this blog has a fairly narrow remit. Perhaps that’s something I could reconsider. I don’t know.

This thing started initially as a way to write with no interference at all; a way to express the kind of uncensored, honest views that would never slip past an editor and, indeed, on subjects about which no editor would be likely to ask me to write. I have never been very tolerant of being told what to think, or what to say. I get vexed at the effortlessly amoral standards of most media professionals. The very act of global self-publication can feel like defiance, albeit on a limited scale. I suspect that is partly the motivation of many of us.

What was my point? Did I have one?

Oh yes. Blogger’s block. My mental block. Perhaps some more incoherent rambling will clear away the debris. I’ll do it offline, to save your yawns.

Soundtrack to this post: The Denial Twist – The White Stripes