I know reproducing emails verbatim is the lowest form of blogging, but this one’s great. It’s a real art event happening on 9 October. I particularly like the PS at the end, and the line “There are drinks but you may want to bring a picnic, as the food is knitted.”

All knitters and their friends are invited to help us knit the first completely knitted wedding, and join in the celebrations! The knitted wedding is part of a group show “Ceremony” at the Pump House gallery in Battersea Park, London.

Everything at this wedding will be knitted, from the cameras, the dress, top hats, food, decorations, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Our bride is curator of the exhibition and Knitting Doctor, Freddie Robins.

Patterns for cameras, candles, cakes, and canapes, will be shown on our website www.castoff.info These patterns are merely a suggestion…. we invite you to knit what you like! If you have any other knitted items that would suit the wedding, we would love to use them. Please don’t worry about the quality of your knitting, Freddie and Ben will love it all.

The wedding ceremony is at 2pm. Please arrive a bit earlier. At 2.45pm we will throw the woollen confetti, and have group photos and more knitting. The champagne reception is at 3pm, with speaches and knitted cake. You may knit through the reception. There are drinks but you may want to bring a picnic, as the food is knitted. The 1st dance and the wedding disco with our favourite DJ’s will start at 4pm and continue until 6.30 when the Bride and groom leave, and a little bit more after that.

Please send work to the gallery before the wedding, ( the earlier the better) clearly marked with your name and a SAE. All work will be displayed, and also credited in a slide show on the walls of the gallery and later shown in a book ‘How to Knit Your Own Wedding’ published by ‘Cast Off’. We invite all knitters to be in the book, and to contribute patterns.

All work will be shown at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace 13th-16th October 2005.

Rachael and Annie will be knitting in the gallery, and showing films with weddings in, from 28th September to 2nd October, and 5th October to 8th October, 11am-5pm. You are welcome to join us!

For more info ring ‘Cast Off’ on 020 **** **** or e-mail

We will return all work, but we can¹t be held responsible for it’s well being.

Please label your knitting with your name, (sticker or parcel tag will do) and send it with a SAE to the Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ

P.S Freddie is a lady, not a man…sorry for any confusion, this is not a gay wedding. Thank you.

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