Pat has tagged me to do a strangely Swiss Toni-esque “10 tunes of the moment” type thing. In balletic synchronicity, so has Swiss Toni.

In return, I’d like to ask the following SIX blog stars to reciprocate:

Le Moine Perdu
Lord Bargain
Bo Peep’s Sheep
Aravis Arwen

It is, of course, completely optional. I shan’t be offended in the least if you decline.

Right, on with the tunes.

[Editor’s note: This could end up a very boring post, as I am going through a White Stripes phase right now. Can’t be bothered with any other chart guitar bands, but the Stripeys are pet faves of mine. You see, with the bands or artists I most like, I tend to go through short phases of total immersion, which end just as quickly. So this week I could easily fill up all 10 songs from their back catalogue. Nobody wants that. I will draw on the rest of the week’s accidental soundtrack for diversity.]

1. Jolene – Dolly Parton / White Stripes
Yeah, sorry. Stripes already. Both versions of this song are in my head this week. One minute it’s Dolly’s quietly mournful tones, the next it’s Jack’s barely-contained hysteria. The Stripes version is the best cover version of all time, and I’m especially keen on the live version from Blackpool. (Dolly’s great too though. Don’t go dissin’ Dolly.)

2. Red Berry Joy Town – The Wonder Stuff
This is all Mark’s fault for posting about them. Tsk.

3. Ooh La La – Goldfrapp
Ubiquitous and infectious, like bird flu. Lower death toll though.

4. Alison’s Starting To Happen – Lemonheads
Conjured up by reflection earlier in the week on the fact that Alison Goldfrapp (see above) is finding herself suddenly one of the pop megastars de jour, at the age of 38. I wouldn’t mind, but I never liked the Lemonheads.

5. Girlfriend – Pebbles
I’m quite keen on mid-80s chart dancefloor R&B. I have been known to play Alexander O’Neal’s two hits through choice.

6. The Joker Is Me – whoever sings it on the Kath & Kim credits
I have a couple of Kath & Kim-crazy friends. Consequently, I hear a lot of this theme tune. Look at moy ployse.

7. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do – Luke Haines
Flutters around my brain every time I read Lord B’s blog. He’s a prince among lords, innit.

8. Don’t Dictate – Penetration
If you like the Slits, you’ll love Penetration. If you don’t like 70s punk, you’re going to take that the wrong way. And probably that too.

9. She – Charles Aznavour
It was in a film or something recently. FoxFact: this song was no. 1 in Britain the day I was born. That doesn’t make it OK though.

10. Red Rain / The Hardest Button To Button / I Think I Smell A Rat / Blue Orchid / The Union Forever / The Same Boy You’ve Always Known – The White Stripes
Sorry. These ones are the main brain invaders this week. What can I say? I am an all-or-nothing kinda fox. And extraordinarily dull.

Happy bank holiday weekend, Brits. Last one until Christmas, so enjoy yourselves! (That sentiment goes for you non-Brits too, only without the Monday off work.)

Soundtrack to this post: All of the above.