I am very unlikely to write extensively about New Orleans on here. I think enough is being said elsewhere. Just so you know.

That said, I can’t help finding it rather surprising that other countries need to offer disaster aid to the world’s sole superpower.

Not that charity and practical help shouldn’t be offered; of course they should. I’m just a little surprised that the richest country in the world, not to mention the biggest military spender by far, needs to accept them. It makes me wonder if the American bank balance is a little less healthy than we have always been led to believe.

If there can ever be a silver lining to horrific events like the damage done by Hurricane Katrina, perhaps this one will be that in future the US may think twice before making enormous financial and military commitments overseas, commitments which leave it with inadequate provision for home emergencies.

The sight of exiled Americans suffering in such an unacceptable way – suffering like displaced Fallujans, in fact – may just have tipped American public feeling against further bully-boy adventures. Distaste for vast, pointless expenditure is as good a reason as any. If the objection will not be a moral one, it can be a practical one.

Either way, there’s a good chance Bush’s jackboot-heavy foreign policy may be heading for an early bath, thanks to his embarrassingly inept handling of the Katrina aftermath. It can only be in America’s interests if this happens. (Not corporate America; I mean real American people. Two different sets of interests.)

NB: If anyone thinks this is an insensitive “anti-American” sentiment, or simply “too soon”, then they are welcome to click the little X in the top right hand corner, or surf on by. My blog, my rules. I would have thought this caveat was unnecessary and self-evident, had I not read Ka’s blog a few moments ago.

Soundtrack to this post: The tip-tap of Ka returning to writing, with any luck.