FOX: “Perhaps the reason Lost has captured public imagination is that it offers a glimpse into another world, one we may secretly hanker for without realising. This is a world without the class system, without the futility of the rat race, without the trappings of consumerist aspiration, where everybody is equal regardless of their status in the ‘real’ world and the only things that matter are practical skills and knowledge. Money means nothing. The island is their prison, yet on another level they are freer than they’ve ever been. It’s a place where community and cooperation is the only thing standing between life and death. It’s a place where pain is genuine: they risk death at the jaws of wild animals or starvation, not the indulgent Western luxury of neuroses or guilt. Don’t we all yearn sometimes for a more real, authentic life? Don’t we all feel a sense of dissatisfaction with the empty materialism of our culture and its sham promises? Don’t we all, deep down, wonder what happened to real human emotion, real danger, real experience? Isn’t that why Lost is so popular across all social strata?”

FOX’S FRIEND: “Yeah. That and the three ultra-hot blokes in it.”

I conceded the point.