Running the country must be an easy job. Apparently Blair gets so much free time, he can moonlight as a sales executive for BAE, the British arms manufacturer.

To whom was our very own military Avon Lady trying to sell these instruments of mass slaughter?

Why, those brutal fundamentalists – sorry, I mean our dear friends and allies – Saudi Arabia.

In return, the Saudis are allegedly asking for a few favours. They want two asylum seekers returned to them, perhaps to give them a stern talking-to. They want British Airways to forget all that “terrorist threat” silliness and start running flights back through Riyadh.

And they want the investigation into corruption involving the Saudi royal family and BAE to be buried.

So being PM, “bringing democracy to the Middle East” (selectively) and devising draconian domestic anti-privacy laws must all add up to part time employment.

If Tony has any more free time, perhaps he could pop up to Sedgefield and see if his constituents need a hand with anything?

The man has now slipped beyond parody.

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