Olden days journos The BBC and Reuters are conducting a joint e-survey on “the role that the media plays in fostering trust in an increasingly connected society”. It can be found on the BBC World page with the title “Media e-survey – Do you trust the media? Vote now” and opens in its own pop-up window.

Here’s how it starts:

Question 1 of 8
Who do you trust the most to work in the best interests of society?
* National government
* National media
* Religious leaders
* Business leaders
* Showbiz personalities

Now call me pernickety, but doesn’t every one of those groups work in its own interests first – the pursuit of capital, power, ego or all three – whether or not that action conflicts with the interests of wider society? Do they honestly expect this sort of loaded question to slip past unnoticed?

I never made it to question 2.