I have nothing much to say, but can’t leave my blog looking the same for days on end. It’s just wrong.

Dante Alighieri, who is ace The novel is inching forwards, always just hovering around the minimum word count. Typical me, typical me, typical me… as Lord Moz would say.

I’ll get there in time, I think. But there will be no surging ahead Γ  la Alecya or Mark. I’m just too darn slack for that.

My novel continues to surprise me. It does this by:

(a) Being a bit serious and sombre in tone; (Whuh? How’d that happen?)

(b) Having an element of spooky subject matter, quite by accident;

(c) Being in the third person, which is proving hellish as I have very little experience of the form;

(d) Having 8 characters, 4 of whom wandered in spontaneously on day 1 with fully-formed personalities and mannerisms (and that WAS scary);

(e) Being a lot duller than I’d hoped.

Nonetheless, I vow to continue.

I hope you are all enjoying yours.