Fox mask You know what? I feel like a change.

As you may have noticed, this blog is written by an anonymous entity. I’ve told you my age – in fact, my exact birthday – but very little else.

One year ago, I did a poll on the first Urban Fox blog asking, purely out of interest, whether readers got the impression I was male or female from the writing on the blog. To my astonishment, the poll showed that opinion on this point was split more or less 50/50.

I was shocked by this, and also delighted. It has long been my view that you cannot possibly tell someone’s sex, race or religion from their writing, particularly not when they are withholding other personal information which may give clues. Having argued this point at length in Real Life with people of wildly varying political opinions, it was a thrill to be partially vindicated.

In fact, a big chunk of the joy of writing this blog has been generated by seeing how people relate to me, based on their thoughts or assumptions. I know a few readers who seem sure they know my sex, my race and so on. Best of all, many of them have conflicting views. For me, as a faceless writer, this has been fascinating. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed it.

But… the novelty is wearing off now. I’ve had my fun and I think it’s time to move forward.

So I’m going to give you a few more specifics.

Before I do that, I have two things to ask of you. Here is the first.


What is your mental image of me? Please describe it, including sex, physical appearance and sexuality (if you have a view).

Comment below or email me if you prefer.

You have until Wednesday 30 November to give me your descriptions. Humour me; it may be the last time I can enjoy my own mystery.

On Wednesday, your second question will appear – which will probably be much less taxing – and we shall proceed from there.

(Incidentally, perhaps anyone who has not yet registered as a Foxblog user (click here) and who still wishes to join our coterie of secret agents might sign up now. I have no insider content to offer you at this moment, but I plan to create some from the New Year onwards. The offer is totally free and without obligation. No salesmen will call. Send no money now! [etc])

EDIT: NEARLY FOUR YEARS LATER… I plan to write about the experience of slipping out from behind the Fox mask, as this whole thing was deeply fascinating.

What’s also strange is that this remains the most popular post on the site. Apparently people come here all the time to look for fox fancy dress costumes, fox Halloween costumes, fox masks, fox outfits, fox dressing up boxes, you name it. It’s all very strange. The only reference to fox costumes in the post is the fox mask photo itself. To all who come looking for foxy party clothes or costumes: I’m so sorry. Hope you found what you were looking for in the end. – Urban Fox