Unmasked Thank you to everyone who added their personal image of me to the post Hide and seek below. According to you, my beloved co-bloggers, I am a mutant hybrid of man, woman, horse, fox, cybergoth rock hack, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Lord Lucan and transparent gas.

As you may have guessed, not all of these can be correct.

But that doesn’t matter. If you haven’t already added your description to the post below, comments are still open. Please jump right in. Let your imagination run riot. The comments will be closed only after you’ve answered your second and final question.

Speaking of which, here it is.

Fox paw print FOX QUESTION TWO:

Of the following options, which ONE would you choose:

(a) Two paragraphs of factual information about me.


(b) A photograph of me.

Think carefully. The most popular option of the two will be yours this week.

So take your pick. Which one do you want most?

Please vote by commenting below, or by email. Explain your reasoning, or be impulsive and random. It’s entirely up to you.

EDIT: Comments on both posts now closed. Results soon.