Asleep at the desk A huge CONGRATULATIONS to those who have successfully completed their 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo. You’ve done us proud. We applaud you. We shower the ground before you with rose petals, as you sweep past in your gilded winners’ carriage. We make you literally three or four cups of tea in a row without complaining.

This fox is not among your triumphant number, partly due to slackness and partly due to starting again in the third week, which rather goes against the spirit of the thing, I know. If you add the two bursts of prose together, I’ve written about 30,000 words in total. Not nearly enough for a rosette. But I am going to carry on with version 2.0 of the novel and hope to finish it in time to join the winners in March for NaNoEdMo. (Don’t think about that now though, you poor exhausted things.)

Part 2 of the post below will appear above at exactly 2.16pm, due to pre-timeable cleverness… oh, how I love my WordPress software.

L8rz! (as The Kids, who all use predictive text now, no longer say anywhere outside BBC sitcoms)