Observant readers may have noticed there is a new avatar in the sidebar. It has a fox tail and everything. What larks. Thanks to the lovely Aravis for telling me where I could find it.

Who? What? Why? I’ve ranted on enough about politics this week, so today’s post will be an Ask The Audience session. Please offer your responses on any questions you feel drawn to. Much obliged.

(1) Can you recommend me a good general level book about early-ish British history (any period from the year dot to medieval, ideally a basic overview of a large chunk of it)?

(2) Does anyone have a digital camcorder? What would you say are the absolute minimum specifications needed for it to be worth having? (We’re talking the lowest end of the price range here, so don’t trouble yourself if you’ve got some swanky 3 grand affair with built-in lazer guns and espresso dispenser.)

(3) Can someone explain the concept behind RSS feeds to me in a way that doesn’t make me go “Oh RIGHT… I see” and then forget 20 seconds later?

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