Winter road

Right, I’ve had enough of winter now. Spring, please. SPRING. Come on, Spring, it’s your turn. Don’t be shy.

Daylight seems blocked out by an enormous spaceship at all times. There is little noticeable difference between noon and dusk, and the two seem scarcely a moment apart.

Who has patience for this time of year? Who wakes up every day thinking “Ooh, what a beautiful sludgy grey sky. Just the colour of papier mache goo. I feeeeeeel nice, sugar and spice!”

Although I suppose there is a single advantage to cold weather. At least there are no wasps around. (For all my carping, I’m an optimist at heart.)

And on that cheerful note, perhaps I should just buy myself some environmentally- unsound tropical fruit, ignore January’s stony glare and pretend it’s May. Worth a try.