Imagine for a moment that this blog’s anti-consumerist stance has been temporarily suspended, while its owner takes care of business.

Long Distance Kiss - 80s to the max I have two phone-related questions for those of you who are technophiles, or early adopters, or work in Carphone Whorehouse, or have acquired the knowledge some other strange way.

1. If I wanted to get a new mobile which has internet browsing / email facilities, is this likely to be achieved easily with a normal-ish handset and standard tariff? Or am I likely to need the services of the appallingly advertised 3G? Or, heavens to Betsy, a Blackberry?

2. Are the handset price and call charges likely to cost a lot, i.e. more than the level of technology currently justifies? Or is it now perfectly possible to do this without too much fuss and needless expense? I hear WAP is a bit lame.

Technical people, please assist. I’d be grateful.

Disgusted regulars who were expecting the usual knit-your-own-muesli polemic, please be assured that normal service will resume shortly. Y’all have a nice day now.