Tony Blair was really angry in the House of Commons today. Really angry. I’ve never seen him so riled. Michael Howard and Charles Kennedy were prodding him about his handling of the Iraq debacle, and he was literally shaking with defensive rage. Not ideal for a man with a heart condition. Then again, a guilty conscience can’t help either.

Luckily for Blair, and presumably courtesy of his good friends at Team Bush, the Kurd mass graves story was released to newsrooms today. If that hadn’t been made public, the British and American public might have been in danger of concluding that their governments’ unilateral Iraq campaign is a monstrous illegal occupation, initiated purely for commercial and empire-building reasons and nothing whatsoever to do with ‘freedom’ or ‘liberation’ of its people. But now we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief and be reassured that Saddam really was an evil genocidal tyrant, worth deposing by any means necessary. Perfect timing, guys. The graves have been around since 1988 but I guess the US army were just waiting for the right time to break it to us.

PS: The BBC news site is currently running ‘Blair under fire for Iraq claims’ as its top story. The Murdoch-owned Sky News site is running the David Beckham ‘sorry for foul’ story as theirs, with the Blair story as a smaller lead under the headline ‘Blair stands firm’. What does this tell us about the agendas of each corporation? I think we know already.