At the time of writing this, which is midday in Britain and 7am in Washington, the US election result hinges on Ohio and Florida. And it looks like Bush has probably won.

The gay marriage vote, which coincided with the presidential election, would certainly have galvanised more evangelical Christians to vote than usual. This section of society always shows support for a Republican leader.

It has never ceased to amaze me how these professed followers of Jesus – probably the most tolerant, left wing figure in history – are the most bigoted, bloodthirsty and money-obsessed of all. They manage to find Biblical ‘proof’ that homosexuality or female priests, say, are prohibited by God, yet conveniently ignore any other interpretations. They even ignore the most basic tenets of the Christian religion. It’s obvious to everyone but them that the Bible can be made to ‘prove’ anything you want it to. If any right wing Christians could show me the commandments where God states “Thou shalt despise anyone who isn’t white, male, affluent and heterosexual” and “Thou shalt not kill Americans but life anywhere outside that country is cheap and disposable”, I’d be delighted to be set straight.

So the world faces another four years of Bush’s bullying. And the world is getting angry.

The world’s people are tired of Bush’s unilateral decision making, his arrogance, his blatant misleading of the American people about what is really happening in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. They are tired of the killing, the empire-building, oil-crazed machismo. They are tired of Bush’s contempt for the world outside American borders, his threatening aggression towards other nations, his simplistic good/evil “you’re either with us or against us” polarity. They are tired of the disproportionate pollution caused by American over-consumption and the carefree withdrawal from international treaties on carbon emissions, because Americans’ “rights” to devour the planet are more important than saving our home from devastation. They are tired of the unfair trade laws, the way America blackmails smaller countries, gobbles up their trade, strips their resources and spits them out. They are tired of the flouting of international law, the concentration camps in Guantanamo Bay, the torture and illegal imprisonment of Muslims against whom there is no evidence at all, who may just have been in the wrong place at the wrong time and have fallen victim to the pre-emptive arrest mania. They are tired of Bush’s ignorance, his abject failure to comprehend any political concept more complex than “We good. They bad.” They are tired of the fictions fed to them, tired of the laughable pretence that there even exists an organised Muslim fundamentalist terrorist network. They are tired of the way America’s leaders claim victim status, when America is the richest, most powerful nation on earth. They are tired of the lies, tired of being trampled by a war machine which thinks 100,000 human lives are a reasonable price if it means a cheaper gasoline supply.

And what of the people who voted? The world has always stayed loyal to American citizens, feeling that they have been duped by their leaders. But Bush winning a majority of the popular vote? That will reduce the sense of international fraternity and reduce international sympathy. It’s incredible to Europeans or Asians, but 93% of Americans don’t hold a passport. They feel no need to leave their own national borders and inevitably aren’t too bothered what the rest of the world thinks. The Americans who do travel internationally are in greater personal danger than ever before, but the vast majority won’t even notice.

And meanwhile, in a mountain cave somewhere in Pakistan, Osama is lounging in front of a TV screen laughing his head off.